samsung telephone

TelephoneSystemsDirect is the place to buy your Samsung telephone.  Why purchase your Samsung telephone from us?  Probably because we offer a 25% discount on all Samsung telephone models. 

samsung_telephoneWhether the Samsung telephone you’re looking for is one of the older 12 or 24 button Euro style for a DCS or iDCS system then we can oblige as we hold plenty of stocks.

For the newer OfficeServ DS5000 series then again these are available for next day delivery utilising our premium courier services.  The most popular Samsung telephone in this range is the DS5014S priced at £150 by Samsung, but to you it’s only £112.50 + VAT.   samsung_telephone.pdf

samsung_telephone_1Now there is the latest family of Samsung telephone – the SMT-i5000 – these are the newest IP phones on the market, from the entry level SMT-i3100 at £95 (RRP) to the top of the class SMT-i5243 colour display model providing instant video conferencing.

So for your Samsung telephone 0800 652 8052 will get you the best deal going.

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