Samsung Wireless Telephones

samsung wireless telephonesSamsung Wireless Telephones

Samsung Wireless Telephones are known as dect (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephone) can either be fed off an analogue port or can be part of an integral system, this is a better solution for businesses who’s premises are spread over a larger area or involve different buildings, transmitters which are strategically placed at intervals allows the user to roam freely and not drop call, unlike standard handsets which only have a certain range.  Samsung_Wireless_Telephones.pdf

The Samsung Wireless Telephones are modern and sleek to look at and are constantly being up-dated to keep up with trends. On the telephonesystemsdirect website we have other makes available including; Phillips, Panasonic and BT amongst others. You can click on the link on our site or call us on 0800 652 8052 for help and advice on Samsung Wireless Telephones.

We are Platinum Samsung dealers and were established in 1992. Our fully accredited telecoms engineers maintain and install Switches all over the UK.

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