Samsung Xchange for CRM

Samsung_Xchange_for_CRMSamsung Xchange for CRM connects your telephone to your computer systems increasing productivity.

When a call is received, the CLI is displayed on your screen in a small, discreet, notification window. Samsung Xchange for CRM also links to your company’s CRM db and looks up the identity of the caller in the database for you and displays it. This will let you to know who’s calling before answering the phone.

You can use the buttons on the notification-window to answer, or to bring up the client’s record in the CRM application, saving you valuable time – making you more efficient and your customers happier.  Samsung_Xchange_for_CRM.pdf

The CTI package with a difference:Samsung_Xchange_for_CRM_25_OFF

The OSPresence applet in Samsung Xchange enables you to view a customisable, quick-searchable list of other extensions and people and see everything about them at a glance (security settings permitting): their name, number, department, whether they are in the office, available or busy, who they talking to and if they have DoNotDisturb or CallForward turned on.

Using Samsung Xchange for CRM, you can drive your handset from your PC. Make and pick up calls that are ringing (even ones that are not for you), hang-up, deflect/forward, put them on hold, and perform transfers and consultations. Samsung Xchange for CRM makes control easy so minimal training is required and mistakes like accidentally hanging up on clients are a thing of the past.

Address Book
The Address-Book feature on Samsung Xchange for CRM allows you to interrogate all your CRM databases simultaneously, as well as storing an internal directory of contacts that are not in any of your CRM db’s. From the results, you can quickly dial, email, or show the contact in your CRM program to provide more information.Samsung_Xchange_for_CRM_plat

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