serv ds 5007s

serv_ds_5007sThe office serv ds 5007s has to be the most cost-effective terminal of the 5000 series where the end-user requires advice about who is calling them. With seven programmable buttons an essential set of functions is provided.

Information on usage of the offic serv ds 5007s can be found in the document section of this web site.  serv_ds_5007s.pdf

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we will specify a number of O serv ds 5007s phones to minimise new system costs.  Where necessary we will ensure your staff is not hampered by a lack of functionality imposed by choosing the wrong handset.  While the offce serv ds 5007s is OK for most, many will benefit (and be more efficient) using DS5014S or even DS5038S models.

Our Platinum Business Partner support services insures your investment in ofice serv ds 5007s and the OfficeServ7000 comms platform is well protected. What cost would you put on having no communications for a day? 
Call us to ascertain how little that annual peace-of-mind might be.

Whatever you need for your O F F I C E serv ds 5007s, dial 0800 652 8052.

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