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Business_VoIP_PlansYour business VoIP plans require careful consideration before you make any commitments.  At TelephoneSystemsDirect we always discuss the client’s plans before suggesting any particular solutions.

Business_VoIP_Plans_25_OFFMany businesses think they have to have a VoIP communications system when changing out their old and trusted TDM Key-system or PABX.  It aint necessarily so!

It might just be that you need to have a VoIP access port to the outside world while still operating T-D-M internally.  By discussing your business voip plans with us then we can advise you on the alternatives available to you.

Business_VoIP_Plans_best_buySpeaking to customers and suppliers by Business_VoIP_Plans_platVoIP may not be in your best interest until the UK’s twenty first century network is fully up and running.  There are no guarantees of speech quality over IP circuits remote from your own control.  Your IT manager will have ensured you have layer 3 switches and routers with QOS enabled.  You won’t have traffic bottlenecks because he or she will have set up rules in the programmable routing of each switch.  The Internet is another matter entirely!  It is being upgraded, BUT you should double-check your  plans if you are thinking along these lines.


So for some frank talking about your business VoIP plans, call us today on 0800 652 8052.

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