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sip_servicesThe introduction of sip services in 2009 was part and parcel of the modernisation of the UK public switched network services.  Rather than providing services to businesses and the residential community via analogue or ISDN services, sip services are another form of broadband, but specifically for voice.

Although voice-over-IP communications within private networks are closely controlled, those over the internet have to contend with all the other www browsing traffic and as speech needs real time transmission and reception the prioritisation of it is paramount.  Unfortunately when being transmitted through broad-band the priority is hit and miss dependant on the availability of the QOS feature in the routers.  Hence sip services were developed to overcome these problems.

The benefits of sip services are in the ability to provide multimedia-communications such as Video Conferencing, streaming-multimedia and instant messaging.  Why not look on Wikipedia for an itemised definition?

If you are considering sip services for your business we suggest you give us a call first on 0800 652 8052 so we can supply you with the pros and cons to help you take your informed decision.


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