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sip_callsIn July 2011 you may be considering sip calls for your business.  BEWARE!

Telephone Systems Direct has experienced the introduction of many new technologies and sip calls are the latest.  Back in the 1990’s the advent of ISDN was a real transformation of the way we received our phone calls – now we knew who was ringing before we answered – that’s because calling line identity was given on the data circuit.  sip_services.pdf

If you are a firm running ISDN2, then perhaps today is not the right moment to go for sip calls, but if you have ISDN30 and Broadband then it could be commercially sensible to investigate in earnest.

The problem that we perceive with sip calls at the time this article is written, is that the public network isn’t up to the standard of most company LANs – i.e. it doesn’t all have the QOS (that’s quality of service) feature that prioritises voice over other traffic.  Speech has to happen in real-time otherwise it is meaningless.

sip_calls_-_platinumIt is possible to have your ADSL pipe routed into the global networks such that it does conform to Q O S to enable you to benefit from VoIP end-to-end and enjoy lower call charges.  sip_calls.pdf

When BT’s 21CN project has completed in the mid 2010’s then everyone will be benefitting from increased upload and download speeds.  In the meantime, you can chat to the advisors at TelephoneSystemsDirect on sip calls and telecom systems that can deliver them to your desk – ring 0800 652 8052.

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