sip conference

sip_conferenceCreatingsip_conference_a a sip conference is a matter of connecting your local area network (LAN) to the outside world via sip trunks instead of the ubiquitous ISDN lines that have been supplying digital communications to businesses for years.

Next you’ll have to decide if your sip conference is going to be purely speech or audio-visual.  For audio only sip conference your PABX may well provide the features for conferencing extension users together with your clients.  In some cases you’ll need a speakerphone (e.g. Polycom SoundStation) where a number of people sit in a meeting room to participate.

For video sip conference then you’ll require either cameras and screens for multi-person sessions (such as the LifeSize Room200), or software applications providing personal TelePresence such as Samsung’s OfficeServ Communicator.  sip_conference.pdf

sip_conference_bThe sip conference utilises the higher flexible bandwidths of today’s internet allowing high definition presentations.

TelephoneSystemsDirect can help you discuss sip conference requirements and products.  Call us on 0800 652 8052.

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