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Welcome to our series of “10-things-to-consider-when-picking-phone-lines for phone systemsâ€.

phone_systems_009Today we will look into the future of the delivery of electronic information through phone systems and into homes for most of the UK.  For some it’s already arrived as these words are written.

We’re going to assess the impact of “Session-Internet-Protocol†– SIP for short on business phone systems.

This protocol was designed to bring the many diverse types of formats, such as Voice-over-IP, Video-on-Demand, Internet Browsing, Video-Conferencing, and others, together so they could be delivered more effectively.

In 2012 most of us will connect to the World Wide Web through analogue phone lines that have a high frequency carrier injected at the local exchange that is decoded on your premises through an internet-router.  All plain ordinary house phones have a filter fitted to remove the high-pitched whistle that we’d hear in our receivers.

S.I.P. is analogous to the LAN in offices.

Currently British Telecom is upgrading its Public Switch Telephone Network to boost the bandwidth that is available to everyone.  Initially cities and large towns were targeted, but it is the intention that by 2016 the vast majority of the United Kingdom will have access to this new technology.

However, until each area has had the implementation for some months and the engineers have become accustomed to resolving the day-to-day problems, you could experience long periods without service.  That’s called being on the “Bleeding Edgeâ€!  Early Adopters must be aware of these potential difficulties.

ISDN2 & ISDN30 plus Broadband will serve countless businesses well for the rest of this decade, but there will be a time to change – especially when there are commercial pressures/advantages.

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