sip providers

sip_providersThe main sip providers will be the likes of British Telecommunications, Cable and Wireless, and Gamma Telecom.


These sip providers have national networks for daily carrying billions of bytes of data through the UK – these are delivering Internet web pages, Video on Demand, as well as Voice-over-IP communications.  Very soon (that’s by 2016 at the latest count) every business and home in Great Britain is going to be deluged with offer from sip providers to take their SIP lines and services. 

Today, if you’re not in a major conurbation, the sip providers will totally ignore you, so you won’t be benefitting from the government’s aspirations to have high-speed internet to each house in the Kingdom – someday it will happen.

So when the sip providers do send me an invitation, do I accept it?  YES – because they should have trained up all their engineers by then and the infrastructure should be up and running – it’s then down to your economics – is it cheaper?

For businesses – ring 0800 652 8052 where the advisors of TelephoneSystemsDirect can give you their frank opinions about sip providers and tell you about the availability of sip compliant phone systems.  sip_systems.pdf

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