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sip_qosTo get sip qos you need to talk to us on 0800 652 8052.

What is sip qos?  The two TLA’s (that’s three letter acronyms) stand for Session Internet Protocol and Quality of Service.  To put it bluntly – sip qos – one is really no good without the other – and even that is not strictly true – VoIP delivered through non-QOS networks is akin to the early days of radio communications – you had to wait for the other person to finish and say “over†before you speak. Speech happens in real-time.  Delays in data packets don’t worry you significantly when waiting for a web page – buy seems like ages if you want to hear your customer’s next word.  sip_qos.pdf

sip_qos_-_platinumSIP QOS prioritises voice.  Unfortunately at the time this article is being penned (July 2011) sip qos is not implemented throughout the UK.  BT is striving to do it, but it may well be the middle of the 2010’s before sip qos is available to everyone.  It will be to the major business centres, obviously!  In the meanwhile it is possible for other providers to offer you sip qos now by routing your broadband circuit into their network for onwards transmission.

By dialling 0800 652 8052 you can chat to our advisors who are primed about sip qos and ways in which we can deliver it to you at the right price.

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