sip server

sip_serverA sip server brings you the ability to have a two-way telephone conversation, multi-media high definition video-conference sessions or to download other multi media services.

SIP is the new kid on the block and is the reason that the data-hungry world had demanded the upgrading of national networks to provide increased bandwidth and greater speeds.  This is what BT is doing with their 21CN project that will deliver sip trunks to all businesses across the UK.  The domestic market will also be served and they will eventually convert to TV by cable integrating internet access and email delivery.

sip_server_1For business Telephone Systems Direct already has the appropriate sip server for you, no matter what size your organisation is.  The entry-level OfficeServ7030 sip server is ideal for the start-up company or SME that only requires a maximum of 20 extensions.  At the other end of the spectrum the OfficeServ7400 enterprise-class sip server handles over 500 ports in a single node.   sip_server.pdf

sip_server_2The two sip server products mentioned above have been deemed GOOD VALUE by
What to Buy for Business” magazine.  At TelephoneSystemsDirect our 25% discounts for the whole of the OfficeServ7000 voip enabled sip server platforms are incredible value.

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