sip technologies

sip_technologiesToday sip technologies are transforming the way we are receiving our information, entertainment and most importantly, our communications.

These sip technologies are improving on the integrated services digital networks (ISDN) and broadband that we’ve depended on for the best part of ten years – YES – it really is only since the turn of the century that we have been using ADSL for browsing the Internet. That’s a whole kettle of fish! It’s a question and answer session on when we got Bluetooth, VoIP, Twitter, Facebook, 3G, and video on demand.

sip_technologies_-_platinumBT is trying to deliver sip technologies to every household and business in the UK as the primary objective of its twenty-first Century-Network project.  It is likely to last into the middle of the 2010’s before they complete it.  In the meantime you’ll be wondering if it’s time for you take advantage of these new sip technologies.  sip_technologies.pdf

By dialling 0800 652 8052 and speaking to the advisors at TelephoneSystemsDirect we can help you understand how sip technologies can be beneficial, and how to go about implementing them.

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