sip voicemail

sip voicemail provides a complete voice mail solution for businessesip_voicemails of any size..  sip voicemail.pdf
When configured as part of a phone-system, users have control of the sip voicemail –  this includes being able to send the call to their Samsung handset, another user, or their Voice-mail box. 

The sip voicemail mailbox can also be set as a bulletin board allowing anyone to hear the messages but only the owner of the mail-box to update it. This feature allows a business to provide public information such as the daily menu for a restaurant.

We install OfficeServ phone-systems into many large residential dwellings and a huge selling point is the freedom extension VMs can give any multi-occupied building.

VM alerts can be retrieved using your telephone or via the internet from any location. They can be deleted, forwarded or saved.
Your voicemails can optionally be diverted to your email giving you the ability to retrieve memos when not in the office.

Please dial telephonesystemsdirect on 0800 652 8052, for all of your telecoms enquiries including sip voicemail.


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