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sip_voip_providerThe competition for best sip voip provider will be between British Telecommunications, Cable and Wireless, and Gamma Telecom in the UK.

These sip voip providers have national networks that carrying billions of bytes of data daily through their microwave links and fibre optic cables – these are delivering Internet information, Video on Demand, as well as Voice-over-IP communications.  Soon (that’s by about 2016 we think in July 2011) every home and firm in England, Scotland, Wales & northern Ireland is going to be bombarded with offers as each sip voip provider vies with the others to win our custom for their sip lines and service packages.  sip_services.pdf

Today, if you’re not in a major town or city, the sip voip provider will not be concerned with you.  This means you won’t benefit from the government’s promise to provide high-speed internet to each house in the country – OK, someday it will happen.

So when a sip voip provider does send you an offer, do you accept it?  YES – only if it’s cheaper for you because they will have trained all their engineers by then and the infrastructure will be up and running.  They are very keen to recoup their huge investment as quickly as possible.

For business solutions – ring 0800 652 8052 where Telephone Systems Direct advisors can proffer you their frank opinion about which sip voip provider is top dog and additionally advise you on the availability of sip/voip compliant phone systems.  sip_voip_phone system.pdf

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