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sip_voip_serviceToday SIP VoIP service is becoming more important to businesses now that the BT 21st Century Network is rolled out to more of the UK making multi-media delivery far quicker than with the lower bandwidth packaged being offered through Broadband.

HD Conferencing, Streaming, TV and on-demand Video download will become more commonplace and we’ll be as reliant on this as we’ve been for years with WWW access. 

sip_voip_service_confWhen it goes wrong we’ll want immediate SIP VoIP service to put it right.

We know what the acronyms actually mean! 
SIP: Session Internet Protocol
VoIP: Voice-over-IP
Both require a background knowledge of communication protocols and LAN-WAN topographies to locate data bottlenecks & avoid them.

0800 652 8052 will connect you to Telephone Systems Direct who will be able to dispatch a SIP VoIP service technician to their PC to interrogate your SIP-enabled OfficeServ7000 phone system remotely, or alternatively, contact your SIP carrier to ensure there are no networks’ related issues that they’ll need to deal with.  sip_voip_service.pdf

SIP service requires the services of competent IT professionals who understand how to use the test equipment to identify whose domain the problems are likely to be in.  The TelephoneSystemsDirect techs are well equipped for SIP VoIP service investigations and resolutions.  That’s 0800 652 8052 for SIP VoIP service.   sip_services.pdf

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