So what is SIP?  The Session Initiation Protocol is a signalling set of rules for controlling multimedia communications such as voice and video calls over internet protocol (IP). SIP can be used for creating, modifying and terminating two-party or multiparty sessions consisting of one or several media streams. Application examples of SIP include video-conferencing, streamed multi-media distribution, instant messaging, presence information, file transfer and online games.

SIP was originally designed in 1996. The latest version of the specification is RFC 3261 from the IETF Network Working Group. In November 2000, SIP was accepted as the 3G architecture for IP-based services in cellular systems.

sipFor more in depth knowledge on SIP you’d be better served looking at a reference site such as Wikipedia or the Telecoms Industry Association.

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we have SIP enabled telephony solutions utilising the OfficeServ7000 series.  sip.pdf

For details on these award winning voice-servers please ring 0800 652 8052 where our advisors will be pleased to help.

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