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sli_reviewShould I be changing to SIP?  This is what an SLI review should be addressing at the time of writing this article.

For your Single Line Interface review you are unlikely to find an unbiased SLI review from the providers of telephony to your house at the moment as they are all desperate to sell you these new digital services.  WHY?   sli_review.pdf

The UK public switched telephone network last underwent a massive transformation back in the early 1990’s when ISDN made a huge impact. First came ISDN2 followed soon by ISDN30.  These Integrated Services Digital Networking trunk offerings delivered significant advances to business as it told them who is dialling with CLI (calling-line-identity) and enabled them to have seemingly hundreds of lines with DDI (Direct Dialling Inward).  They could have 1000 numbers with only one circuit if they wished.

Today we are nearing the completion of BT’s 21st Century Network project to replace analogue and Broadband circuits to homes and businesses with Session-IP links.  These are analogous to the outlets next to everyone’s desk in the office that delivers voice and data.  The speeds will be vastly improved meaning that users should enjoy Megabit throughput wherever they are – in towns or in the country.

Each SLI review you read should advise which provider has all the boxes ticked…..are the facilities available where you live?  Are all their operatives trained?  Is it cheaper than existing packages?

For companies and SLI review will tell you what analog extensions are capable of.  Do they have C.L.I.; message waiting; square wave or sinusoidal ringing……

For a free SLI review ring 0800 652 8052 where the advisors at TelephoneSystemsDirect will be frank with you.

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