soho pbx

The OfficeServ SOHO PBX is Samsung’s WiFi and SIP capable micro-PBX designed specifically for the style and technology conscious small office and home-based business.soho_pbx

The Soho pbx has true plug-and-play functionality for any home or small-office. You can have Wi-Fi connectivity for their PCs and telephones in minutes, connecting directly to any existing broadband service.

The Soho pbx supports up to 8 wireless IP handsets, includes S.I.P., a PSTN connection for resilience and a POTs port for a fax machine or additional SLT handset.

Order your Soho pbx from TelephoneSystemsDirect today and use it in your study as a VoIP extension to your office-based OfficeServ7000 PABX. soho_pbx.pdf

Why us for your Soho pbx?  Samsung PLATINUM support and services.  Former SME Reseller of the Year.  Family owned and run company since 1992.  National coverage for Office-Serv, DCS and iDCS systems.  Experience!

Need to know more about the Soho pbx, then pick up your phone and dial 0800 652 8052 where an advisor will tell you all you need about Soho pbx.

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