sound station 2

sound_station_2The Polycom Sound Station 2 Wireless is a best seller as it is a true cordless solution that gives you the freedom to hold a remote meeting wherever you wish – even where there are no trunks or extension – e.g. on a green field building site. The polycom sound station 2 W has all the functions of the entry level SoundStation2 – plus mobility!  sound_station_2.pdf

There are a number of sound station 2 units in the TelephoneSystemsDirect portfolio from the basic sound station 2 (no expandability), the 2EX and the 2W.  There is a proprietary version of the sound station 2 unit for Avaya and secondly for Nortel Meridian phone systems.  Then there are the IP-soundstation models and an alternative VoiceStation range from this manufacturer for consideration.

At Telephone Systems Direct we concentrate more on comms solutions with the Samsung OfficeServ7000 telephony-servers allied to OfficeServ5000 handsets giving unsurpassed voice-conferencing facilities.  We are the experts!  We don’t loose sight of the fact that our clients require audio and video conferences from time-to-time. We have the products and capabilities to do both.

At TSD we’ve been installing the sound station 2 and wireless versions to customers across the UK that need voice conference features over-and-above the functionality of the OS7000 series with  its accessory terminals.  For more information on our services and Polycom’s sound station 2, contact us on 0800 652 8052 immediately.

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