Sounding Natural

Welcome to our next article in the “10 Things to Consider†series on phone manners.

Approved_GreetingThe customary greeting on answering your telephone is something that your business has made a decision on and it is part of the branding of the company.

Each person in the office, whether they normally answer the phone systems’ calls or not, should respond to incoming callers with the same basic format.

The most used reply is: A welcome: This can be Good-Morning, Good-Afternoon or Good-Evening dependant on the time-of-day.

Secondly – clearly state the TITLE of the organisation. This stops any misunderstandings when someone has dialled a wrong number.

Thirdly = give your OWN NAME. It results in the caller getting a nice feeling if they know who they are talking to. For example “Hello, Telephone Systems Direct, JOYCE speaking.â€

You can then ask the customer how you can help them.

By adopting this simple approach it means that you will never be tempted to make an unprofessional remark such as “Hi-ya!†when responding.        

If you regularly use your phone systems in this way – engaging a pleasant tone of voice – then you can immediately create a very positive impression.

It can be an excellent idea to practice this technique on your phone systems so you feel very confident when you pick up the receiver.
Be effective – let your phone systems work for you.  Be aware that your phone systems are assets.  Speak to everyone as if they were the first of the day!

Hopefully you’ll put this tip into effect straight-away.  Pass it on to a colleague or share it via your preferred social media website.

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Download the complete tutorial here

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