soundstation polycom

There are a number of SoundStation Polycom products in the Telephone Systems Direct catalogue from the basic soundstation polycom, the SoundStation2, the 2EX and the 2W.  There are specific polycom soundstations for Avaya and for Nortel Meridian phone systems.  Then there are the IP soundstation polycom models and an alternative VoiceStation range from this manufacturer to consider.  soundstation_polycom.pdf

soundstation_polycomAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we concentrate more on telecoms solutions with the Samsung OfficeServ7000 voice-platforms with OfficeServ5000 terminals giving excellent voice-conferencing features.  We’re experts!  But we don’t loose sight of the fact that our clients now and again may want to host conference sessions.  So we have the soundstation polycom and video solution in our kit bag when they require them.

On pure voice conferencing requirements where you need more functionality than the 5000 series handsets can give then the soundstation polycom units are the ideal choice.  Being utilised by Sales, Marketing and Engineering teams where people at a distance (e.g. on their mobiles) can still participate in the meeting and all can hear the conversations the soundstation polycom is the best thing since sliced bread!  Especially the wireless version without cabling clutter!

For more details and information on TSD and pricing on individual soundstation polycom configurations just contact us on 0800 652 8052.  We have low prices when compared to others.  Call us and find out!

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