soundstation vtx 1000

soundstation_vtx_1000The Polycom soundstation vtx 1000 is the first conferencing phone set that self-adapts to each meeting’s environment, providing hi-fi voice clarity for all conferees.  It’s feature-rich!  soundstation_vtx_1000.pdf

The soundstation vtx 1000 has a microphone selection which automatically turns off mics that are furthest away from the speaker to suppress the hollow sounds you get in these circumstances; independent microphones with echo-cancelling; selectable, downloadable ring-tones; unprecedented coverage – speak naturally from 2 to 20 ft and be clearly heard; background noises significantly reduced – the latest noise-reduction technology minimises PC, projector, and other noise sources.

Further more the soundstation vtx 1000 has the ability of: remote downloading of software through an ordinary extension for adding the features and applications; for audible reproduction down to 80 Hz through a sub-woofer; there are versatile audio inputs and outputs – accepting a variety input source types ; sufficient power to drive external speakers and recording equipment; simple to connect into PA systems for larger rooms, making it easy to hold conferences in a hotel suite or training room.

So it’s evident that Polycom’s soundstation vtx 1000 is the conference unit of choice.  By dialling 0800 652 8052 you’ll be connected to an advisor at Telephone Systems Direct who can provide more detailed information and advise on our very keen pricing for the soundstation vtx 1000.

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