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Today speaker phones have benefited from advances in technology.  The author remembers when the early speaker phones left the user wishing he’d never heard of them in certain situations!

speaker_phonesFortunately today’s speaker phones are much cleverer and you seldom suffer from audio feedback producing that horrible ear-splitting squeal any more.  All the DCS and OfficeServ handsets and SMT-i5xxx terminals are superb speaker phones for small offices and quiet desks, leaving your hands free to keep typing on your keyboard.    speaker_phones.pdf

Even the lowly “Standard keyset†DS2100B models are hands-free speaker phones.

To learn more about all our speaker phones and our supporting services dial 0800 652 8052 where our skilled team of advisors will provide additional information on systems and specific speaker phones by fax or email.

What you’ll also discover when you contact TelephoneSystemsDirect is that when buying your speaker phones elsewhere, you’ll probably not receive anywhere near the 25% kit discounts that we are able to offer.  We can do this despite providing second-to-none after-sales support by being a Samsung Platinum dealership as we benefit from preferential pricing earned for the volume of business we do with the Korean electronics giant.

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