structured cabling system

The advent of a structured cabling system made every facility manager’s life much simpler.  Now they can easily move staff to new locations without requiring to get in computer and telecoms specialists to rewire PC points and phone extensions.  structured_cabling_system.pdf


A structured cabling system is, by definition a cabling system that is independent of the equipment that is to be connected to it.  You can pass voice, video and other data through a structured cabling system by connecting appropriate converters into the RJ45 sockets on the patch panels and wall-sockets.  There is even a structured cabling system for optical fibre.  So long as the structured cabling system is terminated in the location(s) where you need to use it, then it’s simply a matter of patching your telephony server and switching ports to the numbered structured cabling system matching the wall (or floor) outlet numbers. 

You have a selection of technologies: CAT5, CAT5e and CAT6 for your structured cabling system.  Each version provides increasing distance and speed of transmission with cat 6 giving Gigabit speeds.

At Telephone Systems Direct we’ve been providing structured cabling system solutions for years, so if you’d like to benefit from our experiences please contact us on 0800 652 8052.

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