structured cabling systems

Structured cabling systems puts you in command of moving your workers at little or no cost.  There are various structured cabling systems – CAT3 (now obsolete) CAT5 (superseded by CAT5e) and CAT6.

structured_cabling_systemsEssentially structured cabling systems provide cabling throughout your premises to every location where you might need a computer or telephone device all linked back to a central communications room.  In this space will be your telephony and computing servers, hubs, routers and switches.  These are all connected to the structured cabling systems outlets via patch leads – usually different colours to define usage type (e.g. blue for phones and red for data).  In the offices the wires are terminated at RJ45 wall or floor sockets from which a fly lead connects the PC’s or phone handsets.

TelephoneSystemsDirect specialises in helping our customers with structured cabling systems to improve their efficiency and reduce annual costs.  Our speciality is in telecoms with the Samsung OfficeServ7000 series.

For more information on structured cabling systems and our capabilities we’d welcome your call to 0800 652 8052.

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