We are the Samsumg UK system specialist team offering support and parts for all the different Samsumg systems designed by the Korean manufacturer, Samsung.Samsumg_Specialists_-_support

The Samsumg PBX models come in all shapes and sizes suitable for the ever expanding Business.  


Samsung DCS keysystems were offered as the DCS-Compact, DCS-Compact-II, 408 or 816

Samsumg_Specialists_VoIPThe interim iDCS VoIP solutions included the iDCS100 & iDCS500 platforms..

The OfficeServ platform, commences withe the award-winning 7030 at the bottom end through the 7100 and 7200 to the Enterprize Class 7400.Samsumg_Specialists_services

Why choose Samsumg? We maintain all Samsumg telecom PABXs, which includes the CCU and all keyphones, modules and cards. The key-phones are within the Service Contract too. These key phones can be anything ranging from the older Euro sets to the more recent 14 Button handsets.

As well as supporting your Comms hardware we also offer an umbrella of services from
cheaper calls & lines
to add-ons and accessories.

Should you require headsets, fax machines or Samsumg voicemail adding as an extra then Telephone Systems Direct are the only contacts you need in your phone directory – 0800 652 8072.

We are one of the few Samsung Specialists who are PLATINUM rated BUT our prices are set at bargain basement levels – 25% OFF RRP!

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