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Modern VoIP phone systems give you everything.

Back in the 1980’s when CTI was in its infancy, linking into company databases was a difficult operation.  Not many companies had the funds for it.  Now, it’s straight-forward and cheap.

phone_systems_08The applications that have sprouted since the turn of the Century have been incredible.  You only have to consider that the Internet has transformed the delivery of our information in in just over a decade.

Today phone systems recognise the identity of the caller, who the call is destined for, and will pop up the website of that organisation, and all within the blink of an eye.  This is wonderful for a salesman who needs background material or to impress his potential customer.  

Voice recording is another application that was tremendously expensive in the twentieth-century.  Probably in excess of £10,000.  For little more than £2,000 you can record all the conversations over a thirty channel ISDN pipe for all extensions.  That’s how much cheaper that’s become!

Some manufacturers will provide generic phone systems application-packs plus industry specific ones – for instance on the Samsung OfficeServ7000 series there are dedicated programmes that cater for Hotels, for Call Centres, Healthcare and Taxi Firms.

So when you’re thinking that it might be time to be shopping round for the latest in phone systems, explore not only the handsets and phone features that control calls, but be aware of the peripheral apps that can transform the way info is presented to your staff to make them, and you, more effective.

In some instances you could be offered a starter or taster session which is free – if so, do it – it may open up possibilities that you’d thought you couldn’t afford – but actually can.

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