2 line phone systems

2_line_phone_systems2 line phone systems are a good solution for start up new company, the OfficeServ 7030 is designed with this in mind. 2 line phone systems means 2 channels are coming into the building, allowing operators to be able to make or receive calls simultaneously, and not have to wait before they are free to use their telephone.   2_line_phone_systems.pdf

2_line_phone_systemsThe Samsung range gives room for growth, so although you may only need a switch this size now you could progress to an 8 line phone system. Depending on how many extensions and POT devises are needed (these can be Fax or Franking machines, DECT handsets rt PDQs etc), and how busy your PBX is will show you realistically whether to go for 2 line phone systems or add more when growing, this is where we highly recommend CMS (Caller Management Software), no guessing, just facts.

No body wants to have customer and clients constantly hearing an engaged tone, neither is it productive to have staff waiting in a queue to get and outside-line.

Please dial 0800 652 8052 to learn more about 2 line phone systems.