2 line phones

2_line_phones2 line phones are basically what they say they are: 2 line phones.

But what people are usually referring to in business circles is a phone which hangs off a telephone system.

2 line phones give all of the features that you would expect to find on keyphones but you have to know all the feature access codes.

2 line phones lets you have the option of Conferencing, Transferring, Voice Mail, Hands Free Dialling and talking – in fact many more things which make your operation run as smoothly as possible.  With 2 line phones you also have the reassurance that your customers or clients do not get the dreaded engaged tone.  2_line_phones.pdf

2_line_phones_platHowever if this is the case then an upgrade may be required by adding more channels. The Samsung 2 line phones are digital and look very modern – we have chosen these for both price and reliability – these particular desk terminals gives you the choice of an LCD screen which helps by giving prompts.

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