3 line phone system

3_line_phone_systemA 3 line phone system could be achieved by having either three analogue trunks, or, an ISDN line (which has 2 channels) combined with 1 PSTN line, (or another variation)…..


We believe that when we show all the options available you will agree with us that really it isn’t a 3 line phone system that you are actually looking for but a 4. A 3-line phone system is a starting point to us understanding the size and requirements of your business. We will take you through the planning and installation process step-by-step.

3_line_phone_system_platWe will order your lines for you ,maintain and support your Telephone System we even sort out the best Least Cost Routing and have a trainer to teach you how to get the most from the system . We will explain a 3 line phone system when you call us.

All of this and 25% off retail price, there’s nothing to loose. 0800 652 8052