4 line cordless telephone

A 4 line cordless telephone doesn’t exist. What we think you are looking for is a cordless telephone which sits off a PABX which has 4 lines. This being 4_line_cordless_telephonethe case then the OfficeServ 7030 is the switch you need. It can grow to accommodate up to 8 channels and 20 assorted extensions, these can include multiple cordless-telephones.

4 line cordless telephones can be a standard DECT which has a single base unit and can be programmed have calls forwarded from a phone extension if this isn’t answered, this is ok in a contained area, however if the business premises are a ‘sprawling site’ perhaps in different buildings then we have to thinking about integral D-E-C-T, which is the same principal bet instead of one it has several base-units strategically placed, transferring signal from each other when in or out of range.


4_line_cordless_telephone_platFor 4 line cordless telephone enquiries dial 0800 652 8052. We have multi-pack dects on our website at discounted rates.