6 line phone systems

6_line_phone_systems6 line phone systems such as the OfficeServ 7030 can take up to 8 lines allowing room for growth. This is a consideration when looking for 6 line phone systems as it is a purchase that you want to last and not have to replace too often! this is why we are Samsung Telecom Platinum Dealers because we believe that their products achieve longevity, and if your business does change then your system can move with you.


Caller Management Software shows you exactly where you are with your PBX in terms of incoming and outgoing traffic, it collects data for analysing such as the average time it takes for calls to be answered, how many times all the PSTNs were engaged and if your customers hung up or aborted. This information arms you with the knowledge needed to make decisions such as agent staffing plans and whether you need to undertake adjustment within your organisation. 6_line_phone_systems_plat

We have video demonstrations to highlight all of the features that CMS offers. To learn more about C-M-S or 6 line phone systems dial 0800 652 8052