6 line telephone system

6_line_telephone_systemWhen looking for a 6 line telephone system it is worth thinking about buying a phone system that can grow with you.

The OfficeServ7030 does exactly this: it can take up to 8 lines and 20 extensions – these being a mixture of POT devices and digital handsets. We realise that purchasing a 6 line telephone system is probably one of the biggest technology investments that you are likely to make so you want to be sure that it lasts!

Alternatively if you see more scope for growing think about the OfficeServ7100 or OfficeServ7200.  Using ISDN2 or ISDN30 or the recently introduced SIP trunks you have the full details of your caller displayed to you before answering the call!  6_line_telephone_system.pdf

6_line_telephone_system_platWe are a member of Samsung’s elite Platinum Club – because we believe that the OfficeServ range does offer longevity at very reasonable prices – that’s not just because we discount 25% off retail price, but because Samsung manufacture their products in Korea; plus the features that are available can give you great money savings too.

To find out about 6 line telephone system please dial  0800 652 8052 to chat to our team of telecoms professionals – you’ll receive frank answers to your query.