ACD Phone Systems

ACD phone systems are up to date technology which incorporates Automatic Distribution. ACD phone systems can be very costly but with a Samsung Telecoms package we are able offer all of the essential features being full statistics on the number of calls received or abandoned.

acd_phone_systemsACD phone systems also gives you the stats on the longest time taken for an inbound call to be answered or the average amount, this can be used by a Supervisor to collect this data on either an agent individual or indeed a group of operators. ACD phone systems give this function on a designated key on a keyset. Agents can be logged in or out of groups automatically or manually on ACD phone systems.


Print outs can be sent to the printer via the same button. Add to this Wall Boards are a good tool for ACD phone systems as is PC based management software. We have served businesses with ACD phone systems and others since 1992.

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