Advanced Communication

Things have really advanced communication-wise. We have been serving the business world since 1992 and see advanced communication on a daily basis. Samsung – of which we are one of the top re-sellers in the UK,- work hard to implement advanced communication in all their software and processes.  Just look at the mobile marketplace!

Leaps forward in advanced communication includes the OfficeServ.  Thisadvanced_communication has a Supervisor lead program offering the ability to measure all calls into the building  (CMS). We can show you how to monitor the manner of how inbounds were answered, the number abandoned and by which operator, included with this – the duration.  Advanced communication has improved: VOIP – Voice Mail – Call Recording – CLIP and Conferencing – amongst lots of other great features.




Our telecoms experts will help by finding the needs of your organisation, planning requirements and installation and in house trainers.  ADVANCED COMMUNICATIONS

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