4 business line phone

4_business_line_phoneBefore the arrival of digital technology a 4 Business line phone was what it said, a 4 Business line phone -, now however things in the Telecommunications industry have moved forward massively.

If it is a 4 Business line phone that you are looking for then we would start by talking about the Samsung OfficeServ 7030, which supports up to 8 keyphones, 2 POTs and 2 x ISDN, meaning 4 channels. Our project managers will be able to answer all of your questions about a 4 Business line phone.

4_business_line_phone systems.pdf

4_business_line_phone_platWe offer 25% off retail prices when you buy on-line but this is not to say that you will not get the support that all of our customers receive, we pride ourselves on the attention to detail we will give you, from ordering your lines right through to training your staff.

So if it is a 4 Business line phone you would like to discuss or any other telecoms matter please dial 0800 6528052 we welcome your call.