Cordless Telephone Systems










For Cordless Telephone Systems you should consider the OfficeServ7000 series if you’re after a business system.

If you want Cordless Telephone Systems for home use then please call us because there’s such a plethora of models available: Dual, Triple and Quad DECT Cordless handsets.

The reason we recommend the Samsung OfficeServ is that it is the best of Telephone Systems for businesses.  You can have cordless devices on each analogue extension if your workers are roamers, but the functionality offered by this solution is not in the same league as the DECT500 or DECT600V3.


Then again Cordless Telephone Systems nowadays offer Wi-Fi technology.  Each of the OS7000’s has the capability of pure-IP working and with that you’d utilise the SMT-W5100 handsets.

So for Cordless Telephone Systems you only need to dial 0800 652 8052 where a TelephoneSystemsDirect advisor will only be too happy to help you with your Cordless Telephone Systems enquiry.