Any DCS phone for your purpose!

Any_DCS_phone_for_your_purposeStill deciding which DCS phone is needed for your Business? Let us help! Telephone Systems Direct offer a wide range of DCS phone sets, all of which are available to purchase online via our ecommerce website. Simply click on ‘DCS phone’ and follow the list from top to bottom. The DCS phone keysets are compatible with the Samsung phone PABXs, distributed and developed by the Korean Manufacturer.  DCS phones.pdf

Any_DCS_phone_for_your_purpose_25_OFFThe DCS phone model starts with the DCS Standard key phone priced at £45 excluding VAT
(25% discounted from the recommended retail price). This is a very basic DCS phone offering no display but still with all the main DCS functionalities.

As we move up the DCS phone ladder, we reach the DCS 14 button phone. This DCS phone costs £112.50 (after discount) and has a 2 line, 32 character adjustable LCD (liquid crystal display) screen.

Any_DCS_phone_for_your_purpose_platAnd of course, fourteen programmable buttons. Still undecided about your DCS phone? Please contact us on 0800 652 8052 to discuss your DCS phone requirements with one of our experienced sales advisors.

Our salesteam are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm and they can ensure that our DCS phone stock can be despatched quickly using our premium next day delivery service.