Hotel Phone Systems


Would you employ Gordon Ramsey or Michel Roux to attract visitors to your hotel?

Do you think that it’s purely the stomach that impresses people with an hotel?

We believe that there are many other differentiators that hotel owners are employing to make their accommodation THE ATTRACTION that everyone is gossiping about at the moment – when you consider that Hong Kong’s Mandarin is a favourite for service that rivals the Four Seasons in Bali that has probably the highest staff-to-guest ratio.

Being different is getting more difficult – some hospitality developers have tried putting in via gadgets such as Nespresso coffee machines in the bedrooms. Sandy Lane in Barbados went a step further by providing electric sheers and drapes to play with.

There’s a new development, soon to be launched, that will start to get folks talking – and it’s going to be the bedside telephone!  By utilising the coloured LCD display, the hotel’s managers will be able to promote the bar and leisure facilities subliminally – no waiting for the TV to be switched on – and hoping the guest tunes in to the services screen – NO, the XML-phone will show them their Daiquiri Sunrise together with the dialling code to order it – the Sauna or Spa with a glamorous model tempting you to the indulgence of luxuriating for an afternoon while London suffers the British weather with torrential rain.

Programming content into the XML-server delivers to all rooms at the time when they’ll be making their decisions on what to do.

The OfficeServ7000 hotel phone system leaves nothing out that any hotel manager requires from integration with front-of-house applications, call charging information, mobility solutions, hospitality-application and a selection of informative terminals for behind the scenes as well as in staffed areas such as the restaurant and bars.

TelephoneSystemsDirect has implemented hotel phone system projects from Blackpool to Llandudno, Cleveleys to Blackburn.  OfficeServ7030 can serve as a small hotel phone system with up to twenty extensions while for multi-floor hotels the top of the range OfficeServ7400 might be more appropriate.



Our wealth of expertise in implementing any hotel phone system is borne out by the years of support we’ve been giving to our hotel clients and the fact that we do save significantly on their annual telecoms bills through line rental and phone tariff packages.


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