Samsung Accessories

Samsung_AccessoriesSamSamsung_Accessories_cs60sung accessories are now available to complement your existing telephone equipment.

Samsung accessories can be purchased to work alongside your Samsung Business System.  Our Samsung accessories range from extra LCD Keyphones, Kirk handsets, DECT hand sets, POT phones (plain old telephones) to Headsets,

On the OfficeServ 7000 series the accesories are mainly software applications from Call Centre working, to popping the customer’s website when they call you.Samsung_Accessories_MobexSamsung_Accessories_Answer_Phones

If you are looking for more complex pieces of stock such as Music on Hold, Paging options or Voicemail – then you do not need to look anywhere else for your telephony kit.  As a Samsung Platinum Partner we think we provide the best UK support going.

Samsung_Accessories_25_OFFNot only do we give you 25% off RRP on the actual PABX but we offer the same discount on the additional Samsung accessories.

How do I go about ordering my extras?
If you know what hand-sets or key-phones you require, you can order online. If you are unsure about the compatibility of certain key-sets or other Samsung accessories with your PBX or which voice mail solution is suitable for your Company, then feel free to chat to one of our sales representatives on 0800 652 8052Samsung_Accessories_plat