Business IP Phone

business_ip_phoneA Business IP phone looks like an ordinary digital LCD handset however the difference is how it contacts to a PBX via a LAN or WAN (Local or Wide Area Network). A Business IP phone allows calls to be carried to and from the system using VOIP (Voice Over Internet protocol).   business_ip_phone.pdf

Business_IP_Phone_25_OFFThe applications of a Business IP phone can be very varied in that the whole switch can go IP or just individual users. An ideal solution and cost effective application is for a head office to have an OfficeServ installed with remote satellite offices or home workers connecting back to the OfficeServ with the use of a Business IP phone, gaining full functionality as any other operator can get internally i.e. DDIs, VoiceMail, Hunt Groups, Busy Lamp Fields internal and external directories and Caller Logging, to name a few.

Business_IP_Phone_platThe advancement of Samsung technologies means that now a Business IP phone can be a virtual phone on a PC or laptop this is known as a soft-phone. Dial 0800 652 8052 to learn more.

Business Cordless Telephones

Business cordless telephones:  Question is – what is right for your organisation?

Business_Cordless_Telephones_TAMFor a small office it could be a single DECT handset with an integral Telephone Answering Machine.  Business_Cordless_TelephonesFor offices with larger numbers of staff then you will probably have a keysystem or mini-PBX – in these cases having some extensions paired with business cordless telephones may be more apt.

Organisations who have invested in wireless LANs could benefit from using Wi-Fi handsets as their business cordless telephones which can communicate through the PABX to the outside world.   Business_Cordless_Telephones.pdf

Today on Samsung’s OfficeServ7000 series Voice-Servers you can even use your existing GSM Mobiles wher-ever you might be – it can act as your extension.

To chat to someone about which is the correct business cordless telephones solution for you – dial 0800 652 8052.

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