Schools & Education

Ways to save on your school budget

In schools and educational establishments staff are on the move throughout the day. Finding a way to deliver a message to them quickly is paramount to the success of all schools and colleges. The good news is that telephone systems can help.

schools-a-educationOfficeServ7000 solutions for schools and education provide this functionality, allowing teachers/tutors to be contactable wherever they may be, whether it’s out in the playground, in a classroom teaching or even on a field trip.

The OfficeServ Connect application will generate a call to up to five devices simultaneously, so no longer is there a need to dial random numbers, wasting time and effort.

Wi-Fi and DECT allow for wireless communication over a large campus, providing instant contact. Even if there are multiple sites the ability to link the schools and education systems via IP allows for internal communications to be seamless.

We all know that schools and education receptions have peaks of high traffic and cannot always be effectively staffed. Fortunately Samsung provides the perfect solution, bringing with it the facility to redirect the answering point dependant on the hour, take calls when there is no one able to answer, as well as the function to record and transmit messages automatically to electronic mail services.

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