telecom cable

telecom_cabletelecom_cable_PlatinumYou’re probably not searching for CW1308 telecom cable – are you?  CW 1308 telecom cable is what’s been in use for years.  It’s standard telecom cable and comes in various sizes from 1 to 100 pair.  It is PVC sheathed for general telecom cable and armoured for underground applications.

Today’s telecom cable in offices is more likely to be category 5e structured or even CAT6.  This type of telecom cable is much more flexible in its usage as it has 4 twisted pairs that can carry data and voice signals simultaneously over a distance of about 100 metres.  Longer distances are catered for with fibre optic telecom cable.  This is obviously more specialised and therefore has a higher price tag.

telecom_cable_cat_5At TelephoneSystemsDirect our engineers have telecom cable in their vehicles as they drive all over the UK as it’s the most useful part of their tool kit.  The clever things they can do with telecom cable would take up more web page space than I’ve been allowed for this article.  So if you want to know more about telecom cable then please ring 0800 652 8052 where Les will be only too happy to chat about his experiences with telecom cable in his time with BT and subsequently with Telephone Systems Direct.

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