telecom consultancy

telecom_consultancyMost businesses will benefit from professional telecoms consultancy.  In a great many cases the IT manager doubles as the Telecoms Supervisor and hence the business’s telecoms consultancy.

Start-up companies and smaller organisations need an impartial telecoms consultancy to ensure they get the right type of lines, telephone system and applications.  Choosing to go VoIP from day one, or to place all their trust to a provider such as BT to define what they should have installed may not actually be in their best interests.

At Telephone Systems Direct we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start their business empire with low-cost telephony solutions that minimise annual outgoings – a critical activity in year 1 accounts! We believe we provide a very good telecoms consultancy service to the SME marketplace and give you the frank and honest answers you should hear. 

With the OfficeServ7000 GOOD VALUE (What to Buy for Business) offerings plus low rental and calling tariffs and the professionalism of our technicians you will be in safe hands with this telecoms consultancy.  telecom_consultancy.pdf

telecom_consultancy10800 652 8052 connects you to our team of consultants where we’ll put together a proposal for you.  If it’s what you want, we can also suggest ways of financing over 3 or 5 years.

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