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Many organisations will benefit from conversations with telecoms consultants.  In many cases their Telecoms Supervisor is one and the same as the IT Manager – he/she still might be reliant on telecoms consultants to learn about new technology and its effect on communications.  telecom_consultants.pdf

Smaller businesses and start-up companies need telecoms consultants to provide unbiased advice to ensure they get the right type of trunks, telephone system, internet access and applications. 

We’ve helped hundreds of business men and women with their start up ensuring low-cost telephony solutions and minimising annual outgoings – a critical activity in any year 1 accounts! At Telephone Systems Direct we pride ourselves in being very good telecoms consultants for the SME market place holding frank discussions on what you’re trying to achieve. With our choice of the OfficeServ7000 GOOD VALUE (What to Buy for Business) VoIP-enabled platforms giving you top-notch features and facilities, low rental lines and calling tariffs and the professionalism of our staff you will be in safe hands with these telecoms consultants.


0800 652 8052 puts you in touch with our team where we’ll send you complete information on the chosen PBX and CTI-apps plus a detailed quote including a 25% discount off RRP – we can organise a financing package (if that’s what you want).  Just call us – there’s nothing to loose!

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