telecom data cabling

telecom_data_cablingCW1308 telecom data cabling is still predominantly in use for analogue telephony.  This type of telecom data cabling comes in the number of pairs you’ve ordered to provide spare capacity that you might require in the future.  Make sure you specify what you need at day 1 or the cabler will please themselves!

Structured telecom data cabling now utilises CAT5, CAT5e and CAT6 technology in a high percentage of business premises.  The advantages of this is that your PCs and telephones share the same infrastructure – so to move a member of staff merely takes a few minutes.  You no longer have to arrange for a telecom engineer and a data technician to arrive together to relocate the wiring.  Simply unplug the computer and phone, take them to their new location, re-patch two patch-leads in the comms room, then plug them in  – you’re up and working.  telecom_data_cabling.pdf

The choice of CAT5/5e/6 standard is determined by the volume of electronic information and the speeds that you want to receive them.  More speed – greater costs.

At Telephone Systems Direct we’ve been providing telecom data cabling since 1992.  We’ve installed for all sorts of organisations, from councils and schools to car sales rooms.  No telecom data cabling job is too small or large for us.  0800 652 8052 connects you to our team for telecom data cabling.

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