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Our telecom engineering team don’t want to see you!  phonesystemmaintenance

Well we all hope our telecoms never go wrong, don’t we?


However, they do, and the telecom engineering department usually fixes it quickly and efficiently.  At Telephone Systems Direct we’ve invested heavily to ensure our telecom engineering is up-to-scratch.  Not just the engineers need to have the product knowledge; the Operations Manager and the sales force receive regular equipment updates so that when they specify the features and facilities for your installation, they are deliverable.

The investment in telecom engineering has been significant.  It takes the technicians off the road while they attend the various courses necessary to give them the grounding in telecom technology and voice over IP prior to the individual products they’re going to install and maintain.

Keeping the telecom engineering specialists on the move throughout the UK requires a fleet of silver, well maintained, estate cars. They are equipped with all the tools of the trade such as ISDN testers so line fault responsibility can be speedily determined.

So for your peace of mind, make telecom engineering support part of your annual budget.  Dial 0800 652 8052 for your quotation today.

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