telecom markets

The telecom markets in the UK and Europe were de-regulated in 1981 ceasing the monopolies that were then held by British Telecommunications (Formerly the GPO Telephones) and other national PTTs.

Many public operators and manufacturers in the global telecom markets entered other domestic telecom markets to grab whatever slice of them that they could.  In Britain some remained for a few years then bailed out when competition was too fierce and profits dropping, leaving more stable telecom markets.  Here there were least-cost-routing providers, such as Mercury Communications (a name from history – now part of Cable and Wireless) who were major players in the telecom markets but in the 1990s and early 2000s the frequency at which LCR companies disappeared was horrendous and left many punters with nasty tastes in their mouths.  Consequently several businesses will not countenance any provider other than BT. Today this might not be in your best interests.  telecom_markets.pdf

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