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telecom_providerYou’ll find many a telecom provider that on the web; but not every telecom provider can explain the pros and cons to you the way that Telephone Systems Direct will.

A telecom provider should ensure that you choose the most suitable telecom implementation for your business.  It might be that your LAN can’t cope with voip as it stands without an additional investment in upgrading to a minimum of Layer 3 compatibility.  Why?  This is because voice has to be prioritised over data traffic.  Just imagine your sentence is split up into individual words and send via separate routes.  The speed each word can travel over a specific route will vary, so when they all arrive at their destination, they may be out of order.  Reconstructing them into the correct sequence before converting into audible sound takes a few milliseconds.  When there is an appreciable delay for any word-packet, then we get poor quality speech.

This Quality of Service is what a telecom provider needs to make you aware of and advise you of the possible alternatives.  TelephoneSystemsDirect will do this for you.  We tell it to you frankly and that is why Samsung have awarded us their highest accreditation – Platinum Business Partner.

With the award winning OfficeServ7000 voip-enabled telecoms platforms we can deliver a comms network that will exceed your expectations and minimise your costs.  telecom_provider.pdf

Please contact our team on 0800 652 8052 to discuss telecom provider capabilities.

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